20:00 Rich Gear:After reviewing more cars that no one can actually afford (or insure) our mischievous trio travel to Codlepool, the Bermuda Triangle of hub cap disappearances to see if they can solve the mystery. Later they try their luck at ram raiding , using a reasonably priced transit van at a retail outlet on the outskirts of town. The finale is a stakeout at an infamous dogging hotspot.


21:00 Para-anal Activity:More mysterious goings on from a variety of restrooms, public toilets and parks are caught on CCTV.


21:30 Deal Or No Dealer:  Can this week’s greed deluded contestants guess how many ounces of pot are in the box.


22:00 Rordon Gamseys Ruined Restaurants:  Rordon gets more than he bargained for this week when gives a seminar on the preparation of his classic oriental chicken with minge fried rice dish, at a local school for Tourette's Syndrome sufferers.


22:30 The Home Grow Show:  Which fertilizers give biggest flowers and indoor lighting is discussed, again. It’s a short term memory thing....


23:00  Star TWOC:More action from our hemped up space ship thieving fugitive chor heroes as they continue their intergalactic pub crawl and search for new places to claim food stamps. In tonight’s episode there is serious trouble when they beam down to an unexplored massage parlour and get space crabs.



23:50 The Biggest Hobo:More crime fighting canine action from the world’s most  popular constipated German Shepherd as he uses traditional arse sniffing techniques to track down and capture a group of local councillors for expense fraud,  provided he is not doing the doggy shuffle on someone’s carpet, licking his balls or chasing bitches.


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