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Rednekk Reserve: 2013, Shiraz, Rednekk Estate, Wetlands, Manginastan.

This unique offering is the only vintage from the Rednekk Estate, secluded deep in the southern wetlands, where local folks don’t want any trouble from strangers and most curiously, no grapes are grown.

Blood red in colour with a vibrant nose of ethanol, this belter woops hard with deep scrumptious oak and cinnamon notes in the first assault that renders one delightfully disorientated. Followed swiftly with a shotgun of dark berry notes that squeals across the palate like a pig tornado in a trailer park, this real pretty nectar climaxes with a skillfully structured banjo of cranberry and pomegranate. Finishing with incestuous whispers of spice, tobacco and mocha, this is an amazing concoction that delivers overwhelming feelings of euphoria and slightly blurred vision, which does wear off after a day or two.

Excellent with all meats or wild game offerings. Would work magnificently with a mixed grill of machine gunned woodland critter kebabs or wandering tourist fed alligator steaks, in a rattlesnake moonshine reduction. Perfect mood catalyst for the type of gatherings where squealing like a pig is not optional. For an inebriated weekend at the annual Mullet Festival, you sure will not be disappointed. RCN

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