The Gimp: 2009, Merlot, Assenslappen Winery, Buttmunchenclitter Valley, Reicherstan.

This Merlot is an absolute belter of a red that saw life at the strict Asssenslappen Winery, located in the foothills of the lush Buttmunchenclitter Valley, where each vine is lovingly nurtured by the meticulous care of specially chosen black belt pedigree gimps. Once harvested, the grapes are then individually crushed between their soft leather clad gimpy buttocks and the delightful nectar collected for fermentation into this majestically splendid vintage.

Offering a deep red colour and musky cinnamon nose, the well-disciplined berry flavors entwine with hints of tagnut, leather, cardamom, and tobacco to render the taste buds into complete submission from the first sip. Followed by deep penetrating notes of cherry and plum in the second gasp, this well-structured obedient beverage delivers magnificently with a gorgeous finale of spiced mocha lashes.

Wonderful compliment to spicy pasta or roast lamb dishes. Great choice to uncork with family or intimate friends. For a quiet night of orifice exploration and casual humiliation you can do no wrong,  although there could be very severe consequences if you did. FC


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