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Trumpdhole Reserve: 2015, Pinot Gris, Trumpdhole Estate, Manginastan Island, Manginastan.

The propaganda team behind this namesake from the Trumpdhole Estate purport this Pinot to be the best wine in the world and all other products are inferior.

Almost clear in colour with just a hint of orangutan and a heavily infused bitter barnyard apple nose, this venomous vintage is arrogantly woven to an obnoxiously rich ‘screw you’ fruity statue, with a curious backcombed prickly sphincter hair texture. First dribble offers bastardized notes of acidic melon and pear that slap the taste buds with more shock than an egg flavored trombone fart at a christening. Maliciously followed by rude stabs of peach and nettle, that claw an already wounded palate with more horror than a virgin bottom being ploughed in a prison shower block, this offensive fuckbinge to fermentation finally shuts up with sickly sweet citrus tax haven whispers, laced with freshly fertilized autumn orchard.      

However, it does with more surprise than a pubic hair toupee on a Brazilian beach, pair splendidly with hot fired Mexican scape goat bollocks, on a raft of sphincter spiced rude slobby potatoes mash, lathered in a rich truffle infused ablution. Great choice for political events or even a quiet evening talking down to apprentice wannabies. RCN



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