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Hot Yoga Fart Armageddon: 2015, Garnacha, Haleine d’Ail, Aisselle Poilue Region, Blancflagastan.

This breathtaking number from the Haleine d'Ail Estate offers a white-knuckle roller-coaster journey of sphincter contaminated grape flavors.

With a lush melon colour and initial crisp apple nose, this biohazard of a vintage starts promising with soft citrus notes, woven tightly to a high fiber fruity frame. However, it follows unexpectedly in the second act with a multi layered  careless whisper of fermented hummus, bean salad, frittata and kale, which glide speechlessly across the palate, creating  a temporary state of garlic infused pear paralysis. Finished with long lasting alternating notes of barnyard, lime, vanilla and sour butt blossom, this beverage is certainly not for the faint arsed person with delicate nostrils.     

Try it with spiced egg mayonnaise and lentil stuffed cabbage on a Mediterranean couscous bean sofa. For the nuclear option, just try with anything vegan. Great catalyst for experimental flatulence research in confined spaces. For a mood enhancer on long haul flights trapped in economy class, you will not be disappointed. Also magnificent choice for shareholder meetings, casual visits to the bank, everyday shopping excursions and of course, yoga classes. FC

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