Piggalicious: 2015, Zinfandel, D’Cameron Estate, Debauchery Hills, Britanistan.

A surprisingly sensational wine from the D’Cameron Estate that delivers an oinktastic testament to fine wine and will certainly cock your taste buds to squeal with delight.

This babe has a conservative pink tint to an otherwise clear skin and a fantastic smoky apple nose. Juicy layers of pear and lime emanate from a porktasticly zesty chassis to tickle the palate into a heavenly state of salty, simmering, sweet fruity sizzle. Finishing with delicate curly tails of sweet mango and vanilla, each mouthful grows in flavor with penetrating whispers of savory creaminess.

Pairs wonderfully with just about anything, but why not try with simple spit roasted wild boar, served with cilantro fiddled potatoes and a spanky rack of asparagus floggers. Do not forget to save a bottle for a good old fashioned after course oink gobbling session. Then again, you won’t be disappointed with a simple bacon and mushroom butty, followed with traditional oral sex. Whether a horney evening playing hide the sausage with your special other or a dirty weekend porking the new intern at a political party conference, Piggalicious never fails to deliver and will certainly put an oink into any occasion. RCN


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