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Turd Buzooka: 2015, Shiraz, Orteil de Chameau Winery, Côte de Merde, Blancflagastan.

This casualty of a Shiraz is yet another truly offensive number from the Orteil de Chameau Winery and builds off its other dire offerings to create another arsefesting abomination of a vintage.

Dark purple in colour with a hysterical cherry donkey shit nose, this volatile beverage is more unstable than a big breasted, one-legged sexually frustrated schizophrenic nun, high on meth, dancing on a rotating dancefloor with a gaggle of male strippers. The initial muddy berry shock is quickly succeeded by a cluster bomb of rancid autumn fruit, with more offensive layers than the contents of a rock festival toilet. This bioweapon of a beverage climaxes with a cinnamon tobacco explosion that vaporizes the palate into a bewilder state of utter shock, to finish with a faint note of septic plumb. 

Should not be consumed without a taste distraction so best paired with spicing dark meat dishes. Would work well with a waggy-tailed lassie Vindaloo on a succulent bed of leach arse biryani and a side of napalmed dhal. Splendid gift for Personhell Managers or annoying in-laws. If undiluted, makes a truly magnificent interrogation confession catalyst and also rumored to be an excellent weed killer. RCN

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