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Screeching Preacher: 2015, Shiraz, Fromage de Pénis Winery, Côte de Merde, Blancflagastan.  

This crusader of a red from the Fromage de Pénis Winery delivers an uncompromising union of medieval wine making morals, albeit at a soul saving sinless subscription of $55 a bottle.

Voicing a deep crimson colour and an intense dark cherry nose, this testament to wine purity commences its crusade with a loud rapture of spiced plumb and blackberry. Crucified to an insane acidic dark fruit altar, this ‘off your tits’ brew sneers with an intolerant rough brimstone texture and sinister tannin structure. Followed in the second sermon with a fruity leather strap of mocha infused cinnamon, the inquisition climaxes with venomous prayer of tobacco and finishes with guilty whispers of hot licorice.

Great match for red meat or spicy rich pasta dishes. Why not try with brainwashed slaughtered lamb, burnt on a hot bed of stoned homophobic rosemary mash, paraded with a persecuted flock of baby carrots and lathered in a golden shower of garlic mushroom piss phlegm. Great choice for family gatherings, but for a self-righteous hysterical evening getting offended by persons whose business should not be your concern, then this wine is absolutely your hill to die on. Would also work magnificently with prostitutes in motel rooms that charge by the hour. RCN


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