Passage Pounder Recall

Mrs. Smith has subsequently been discharged from Codlepool University National Training Hospital (C.U.N.T.H). Whippet Digest visited her at home where she offered the following commentary, “I started using the Passage Pounder (P.P) a few months ago. My Stan passed away about 2 years ago and I was not getting any luck with the guys down at the social club. After a year I was getting desperate and I though me old beaver would start eating my leg unless it got fed. One day I tried it on with the Vicar but unfortunately he doesn’t swing that way. However, he recommended I try the P.P and I have been using it regularly without incident.

Unfortunately last week in a wave of ecstasy I knocked the speed control to warp 6 and the next thing I heard a loud pop as I collapsed sideways on the floor. I had only gone and knocked me new hip out of joint” A spokesman for Congregation Toys stated that the incident was regrettable and added that the PP was not primarily designed for people over 90. However, a new throttle control and auto shut off device would be retrofitted to existing models and incorporated into all future appliances.

When asked if she intended to take legal action against Congregation Toys Mrs. Smith stated, “As long as the new model arrives before next Friday, we are good. I always like to give me self a good seeing too before bingo!!”






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